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From Waxahachie,Tx. — 12/30/2009

Since the closure of our plant in Waxahachie,Tx. on 3/27/2009, my thoughts have not changed except for me having more time to generally soak in the aftermath of the way all of us at Waxahachie were treated as a whole by Saint Gobain. I feel like we were dumped, like the rug pulled out from under us. We were put on layoff on 11/26/2008 then announce to us on 3/27/2009 they were closing us because they could not find enough products to get us going again. As a whole, our plant may have been the smallest(one tank-3 lines),all us union members in general worked well together as we all knew one another thru the years and we communicated well. Since Saint Gobain took over, I can relate to everyone on this board saying that SGC management has sucked. In recent years since 2000,their has been too much turnover and too much increase in management when the workforce numbers have gone down. Not all of the management has been bad,just the new ones that have come in recently and they had no clue to how to run a glass plant. All that had to be done at our plant was to let the experience take care of things as it had for so many years before and to listen to the experienced people who knew what was going on from day to day. Since newer management came in the last 5-6 years,moral went down,write ups went thru the roof,they would threaten us,did not respect us, so as of result of this, our safety went down, our quality went down, and it just dominoed till things came to the point where they decided to close us down. It sucked! The work was not the problem, I worked in the Mold Shop as a Mould Cleaner and though it was a physical job, I enjoyed the job as a whole because of the relationship we had in the shop as we all got along and communicated well and were friends. It made things much easier. We worked our butts off but we got things done. That all changed when we got our last supervisor who was young and had no experience in managing or people but yet he knew it all since he had a degree. He would not listen to the Mould Makers much on things and always went against the grain on things in general. Him,our plant manager & plant engineer were all real winners. The manager hired them so he was the whole problem from the start as he was a numbers and grafts guy as well as being very arrogent, if you get my drift. As a whole, I will be suprised if Saint Gobain Containers stays open another 10 years with the management that is in place now. I hope that does not come true since I have retirement to still get in 11 years, so I have to wait. The rest of you just hang in there and stand your ground. Don`t let them get the best of you. As you can see, it is not better on the other side of the fence, so to speak. We all are a victim of the economy and our government(both sides are responsible-what a joke).
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