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From Worcester R&D — 10/03/2009

This is a really neat place to work. The buildings are old, but there is a lot of space, so most people have offices with windows. I've worked in a cube farm before, and this is wonderful.

There is a focus on delivering on projects, but that is what our job is in R&D.

There are some large company annoyances, but from my experience you get those at any large company, where there are policies in place for purchasing, organizing information, etc. When I worked at a smaller R&D company in a cube farm, there was a lot more flexibility about purchasing, and a lot more grey area about policies.

Co-workers are very diverse, with people from all over the world. It adds another dimension to the workplace, and makes it a lot more interesting. There are occassional challenges, and some communication issues to deal with, but it is not that big a deal, and similar to how life was at College (RPI).

Overall it is a good place to work, with lots of opportunity.
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