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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
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From Milford, MA — 04/05/2008

Staring pay with no past experience is over $15 per hour. Top union job pays $30 an hour. Company offers both a pension plan and 401k with a match which you never see both these days. Cost for health care is cheap compared to other companies and coverage is excellent! Since it is a union shop with a new 5 year contract, job security is excellent! The company does have a strick no fault absentee policy so you must be a good attender or you can lose your job for poor attendance. Otherwise good workers have no issue with this company.Job advancement id by seniority but you can get to the hot end side of the bisiness quickly. These people make the big bucks! The company also offers apprentice programs in maintenance arreas too but openings are limited. Work environment is a factory floor so it does get cool in the winter and warm in the summer. Most jobs require standing up all day and continuous operation means you never shut anything down. Slow workers will have a problem. Career growth is excellent an I do not know many employers offering $30 an hour for someone without a trades background. You must have a high school diploma because most of the equipment requires use of computers and all instructions are in English. Most coworkers are helpful but like evry place some are jerks. It is a production environment so be prepared tp work hard for the opportunity. Most jobs are rotating shift since the factory is open 24/7 including holidays. Holidays pay triple time rate!
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