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From Elizabeth, NJ — 11/01/2007

I have been working for SAIC for almost 4 years. For me, that is a record for a company. I usually stay for a year and then leave for a higher paying job; what I like to call self promotion. Anyway, I like working for SAIC. I make good, but not great money. The company respects me. I ocassionally have to travel, and when I do, the company puts me in a posh hotel, luxury rent-a-car and gives me per-diem for food. My first year they spent $7500 so that I could get certified in Unix. And I got paid for going to school! My first year, I only got an $1800 bonus and no raise. The next year I got a $2000 bonus. Last year I got a $2000 cash bonus and $2000 in vesting stock. However, I only received a 1% raise. So basically in 4 years, I am only making 1% more per hour, than when I started, which is a gripe. However, my boss encouraged me to go for my master's degree and the company would pay for it. I submitted the forms and got approved for the tuition reimbursement. I have not started school yet, because I am not sure if a masters in engineering is of any benefit to me monetarily. It is kind of hard to convince me a degree of any kind is necessary. Out of a team of 15 engineers, only three of us had degrees!
So why bother? My coworkers are cool and the work environment is nice, but sometimes we have to get dirty. Overall, I give SAIC a good review.
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