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From Florida — 11/27/2009

There are three key problems with Sage North America. The first, as others have indicated, is the stagnation that has been allowed to happen across many of the product lines. If there is no innovation in features, functionality or interface, there can not be a lot of sales in the future. The next key problem is that the company has lacked effective leadership. They have not "read" the customer base correctly and therefore have not built products that meet the needs of the customer base. The third problem is that the English business model does not seem to work for an American marketplace.

As far as being a good company to work for, I've been with the company for almost 8 years and find that the pay and benefits are very good, the workplace is relatively free of favortism, and our location has a high degree of cohesiveness and team spirit. I think this is a pretty good place to work.
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