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From Atlanta GA — 09/12/2009

My experience with Sage has been quite the opposite of what some of the respondents have expressed.
I have always felt like a valuable member of any team at Sage in my almost 10 years of service. Yes I was laid off last year. Was it a difficult time? Absolutely yes. Do I feel bitter? Absolutely not
I understood why then and I understand why now a company has to make difficult decisions like layoffs or personnel restructuring. Change sometimes is the hardest thing to adjust to. When one is working for a publicly held company the confidence of the investors is so vital to sustaining the existence of a worldwide company like Sage. When businesses in the market place were shrunk or became non-existent the challenge to generate revenue proportionately decreases for a software company like Sage. Cutting Costs or increasing revenues are the only two options to keep an acceptable margin in order to be a viable company in the market place and maintain investor confidence.
In today's market a company has to be fluid and flexible to take difficult steps to continue in the market place.
I never lost hope that Sage would hire me back when an opportunity came up. Almost after 9 and half months, guess what? I am back at Sage at a different location in a different role and finding ways to contribute everyday so we can grow and become healthy and strong once again. If I were to become one of those that had to be laid off once again, it would not change how I feel about Sage. I am saddened by folks who have had to leave Sage and feel bitterness. I am grateful to management and leadership that they have made corrections to help us face in a direction to grow in small decisive increments in this economy. Management has had a tough road in making decisions to let good people go. If one has truly loved where they worked then one must also have confidence that layoffs are not a mindless action. It is a bitter pill to administer so the company can grow and hire once again. I for one do not envy the one's who have to make and execute those decisions.
With time we would look back at this time in our economy and say the forces of the market did not crush the Sage vision to be the leading software provider for small to medium companies around the globe.
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