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From Atlanta — 08/27/2009

Sage is putting its own nails in the coffin. The first nail started with poor middle and upper management that let the company grow stagnant. Sage Software is still run like itís 1992 and that simply canít work in this new aggressive Internet climate. The software is painfully outdated and the only innovation is new acquisitions: Acquisitions that create new problems, as the backend of each of those companies doesnít match everything else. Leading to another joke at Sage: Atlas.
The second nail is the economy that is exposing the weakness of Sage and has shown that Sage is the software company equivalent of Dunder Mifflin. With poor software, innovation in name only, and an IS structure that is inept Sage is dying. The weak economy has caused businesses to cut back on software purchases and to think through purchases more and no one wants to spend on software that is so outdated.
The third nail is the layoffs that are removing some good employees and a few bad ones Ė most good. Everyone fears for their job and morale is in the toilet. When the economy recovers the capable and smart employees will leave, and are already working on their exit strategy. The poor employees will stay thus pushing Sage deeper into the hole.
This is a dying company that canít even be saved if Microsoft bought it. I donít believe Sage will exist in the U.S. in ten years, maybe not even five.
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