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From Remote office - east coast — 05/05/2009

I am very happy with my position and the expections. I enjoy working with the endusers and all of my co-workers and managers. We all want each other to be the best when we service our customers.
There is a communication disconnect regarding policies and documentation. We receive many emails that say basically nothing about initiatives that I can take into my position. I would like more freedom to help the clients with what they want rather than the restrictions that are placed on time constraints. Not every client is at the optimum level. They deserve the same success with the product.If we find out what they want and deliver that, they will be happy. Sure they may have purchased a Lexus, but the Neon is all they can handle right now. I'd rather that the client take the lead they are comforable with. We need to improve our referral base, and GREATLY simplify the product.
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