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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From st. petersburg — 05/11/2008

All and all this is a great place to work. I have worked for some terrible companies in my short time so when I work for a place like Sage, I really come to appreciate it. The department I work in has job responsibilities that are crazy hard but on the plus side that's the only hard part of the work. Company politics are present but not significant enough to disrupt my day to day duties. For what I'm doing the pay is weak but for the region the pay is very good. Respect is really a core value that management seems to take to heart, even the managers that aren't really that good. Iím on the fence about are benefits because our time off practices are excellent but our insurance carrier is horrible. I've only heard of one lay off and it was just one person and it was well before my time. Involuntary terminations do happen but they are very rare and the ones I know about have real justification. Work life balance is good. I am starting to sense a trend where they want more and more of our time however it hasn't gotten invasive. Promotion potential is there , you can move to other departments or you can go up levels in your current, the only thing you cant do if you are already an employee is be made a sr manager. They seem to like to hire managers from outside but even that seems to have some justification. Location is pretty decent as our building is in a transportation nexus as all major roads in the area meet a mile to the north. Co-worker competence is a mixed bag. They used to hire people that had some proven potential but it seems more and more duds are seeping in. The good news is there is still a very large core of seriously talented people. Work environment is good. There will always be the struggle to secure more and more luxuries however if we as employees never gained another foot of ground, I would be happy with what we have now.
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