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From Ca — 03/10/2010

So I totally agree I have worked for safeway two years been a hard assworker for them doing anything they asked without me complaining a bit. I get shit ass pay a little more than 10$ an hour while they say they can't give me a raise and the past like 3 people who got hired are getting paid 20$ an hour a headclerk and he hasn't even checked! Is that a joke and it seems like a lot of people who get top pay are some
of the laziest bitchy people even when they ask for your help. Safeway does not know how to value employees and it's a shame for the people who actually put hard work on and work crappy shifts and they still hire people but cut everyone elses hours? They do mark mostly everyone as part time
so they have an excuse to cut hours. The only way to get paid right is to refuse to work there for less and even then your not guaranteed jack. Don't let them push you around cuz it's not worth it.
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