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From Sacramento — 12/14/2009

I've worked for the company for 7 1/2 years, since I was 17. I'm 25 and have been making 20 dollars an hour for the past 4 years. You people who are complaining about only getting paid a couple of cents over minimum wage need to wake up. DUH! Didn't you look at the grocery industry before you got the job?? It's tanking! I was lucky to get in under the old old union contract. I just graduated from college with a bachlor's degree in business. Safeway worked around my school schedule every single semester. I get full benefits from the union, don't gotta pay a dime for health care save for the 10 bucks co-pay for my prescriptions. Yea, the job sucks. Customers do suck. I've hated going into work many times. I've missed a lot of fun times with family and friends cause I've had to work on the weekends and holidays. But I worked the system. I used Safeway. I made 20 dollars an hour, part time, going to school, with full benefits. I got paid every week. Three weeks paid vacation. Maybe all you people who complain should have made better life choices when you were my age and went to school. The grocery industry isn't what it was 15 to 20 years ago. It's no longer a decent middle class job. Wake up people. I guess I just got lucky, was smart enough to go to school. In conclusion, would I recomend getting a job at Safeway now? No. If you're 16-20 years old, go get a job at a restaruant or Best Buy, something like that, Courtesy Clerking and being a cashier is totally not worth it anymore. PS. for all you people who said your managers treated you like scum, it's probably cause you're a lazy worker, you people are a dime a dozen.
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