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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From springhouse,pa — 08/10/2009

Pay: I know other retaiors who pay baggers more i was paid min wage which was 6/hr

Respect: it was ok the managment was strongly anti union ive been in the union retail it was reltively the same only difference was vacation pay and pay was no different

Benefits: i wont comment since i didnt need them at the time

Job Security: new baggers hired once a week high turn over due to large store size couldnt really learn where things were

Work/Life Balance: they worked with ur needs so it was good in that respect and didnt have to work holidays they had hired help on holidays so you could have off other retaiors make you work holidays

Career Potential/Growth: ive only seen people move up to cashier managment needed college degree

Location: not as close as other stores but since the other place is out of business they are the nearest store now

Co-worker Competence: pretty high they wanted to provide non stop custumer service enough to get on ur nerves

Work Environment: it was ok wish custumers werent so picky how i bagged their stuff if i placed one item out of order they would countiue to bagg their own order and you had to find something to do mysteryshoppers nobody knew who they were but couldnt ask custumers if they were one or u could get fired
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