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From Calgary, AB — 02/11/2009

Fisrtly, must say I can only speak for the deli.

~ PAY - As far as pay goes, I expected higher, however I couldn't complain, it paid the bills and then some.

~ Coworkers - My coworkers are mostly mature adults and we respect each other as people but often make behind-the-back comments about work ethics, rarely anything personal.

~ Benefits - It does offer many benefits and if your medical bill goes from $200/month to $40/month, I don't think you can complain...

~ Benefits - Because of the union, your job is secure unless under extreme circumstance, and I only ever once seen someone let go due to incompetance.

~ Work/life balance - Personally, my manager is respectful of our requests for time off and I have never witnessed one denied, and I have been in this deli longer than my manager, so if you really need to go to a particular hockey game, you are almost guarenteed to have time off.

~ Career potential - In this job you could actually climb pretty high on the corporate ladder, all you have to do is show you can do it.

~ Location - There seems to be a diferent Safeway in every part of the city. I even go by a couple other ones on my way to work

~Co-Worker competence - Nobody's perfect, but everyone's trained in the deli.

~Work Environment - I am working around knives, blades, slicers, ovens, heaters, grills, hot grease, steam, raw poultry chemicals and drunks that wander in in the evening. But we are given mesh gloves, insulated gloves, wash gloves, disposible gloves, padded gloves, aprons, goggles, face masks, coworkers, training and if all else fails, first aid kit. For a deli it is pretty standard, I just wish we had tables inside the store.
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