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From Denver, Colorado — 02/10/2009

When I first started with safeway four years ago, I was able to get my prior experience wages from the union, which is the ONLY reason I have stayed on. The company has above average benefits, but they utilize a negative reinforcement disciplinary system. In other words, you are reprimanded for less than perfect performance but rarely complimented for above average performance...except by a token star or letter. The company is attempting to overturn the seniority system which is the fairest way to deal with employees. (Otherwise you get blatant favoritism) I am blessed to live two blocks from the store I work at, so thats a plus. Truthfully, this is the best job I can hope to find in the current economic climate. They cut my hours from 35 to 20, however, and I am struggling to make ends meet.

Safeway would get more respect out of me were they to treat all workers with respect and not just coddle the newer cheaper labor. I plan on retiring with them, even though my pension is a paltry $119.00 a month so far. (I worked for a competitor for 15 years before the competitor closed all their stores and left town)

I am pro-union (I am a Union Steward) but I see the flaws in both sides (management and union) and I think that this next contract will be important for the future of our company.(It is up May 5th)
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