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From Clackamas, OR — 01/08/2009

Safeway is an incredible company. With any business, there are times that the job is less than enjoyable. It’s like that age old telling of “life’s just not fair.” You can’t have your cake and eat it too… However, Safeway’s benefits are some of the best I have ever seen in my years of experience, bouncing from one company to another. The things listed below should not be taken for granted by people who haven’t a clue how to take advantage of an opportunity…

Things such as:

Education Reimbursement
Company Retirement
Company 401k Plan
Incredibly affordable medical, dental and vision insurance
Nationwide opportunity for advancement
Careers is all paths … i.e. Pharmacy, Corporate (Finance, I.T., Marketing, etc.), Customer Service … Etc.

People need to quit their whining and be thankful for the things companies don’t have to offer you. – What other company do you know that will pay you to quit smoking? Or give you incentives to get healthy? Cuts on insurance cost, etc…

This is amazing stuff here.
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