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From Plano, TX — 04/11/2010

I've been with Safety-Kleen for a little over 5 years now, and I never wake up in the morning dreading work. I absolutely love it there. I work with so many great people and have the opportunity to meet and talk to others in the field. I work in the corporate office, and I know we catch a lot of grief, but I just take it in stride and try to do better the next time. This job is a constant learning experience for me. I've learned so much since my first day.

The pay isn't the best, but I've seen and had worse. We did have a 5% pay decrease and 5 furlough days last year, but we were still employed which is more that I can say for a lot of companies in the current economy. We also received 2.5% back, and as far as I know, there are no rumors or plans to repeat the furlough days.

Again, I work in the corporate office, so I don't experience a horrible work environment, though I do sympathize with anyone who does.

Maybe by some quirk of fate, I lucked into a wonderful department, but I cannot express enough that I love my job. I hope to have many more years there. Learning and growing.
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