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From Lexington, SC — 04/04/2010

This was the weirdest place I have ever worked. What made it horrible was I worked in the office and our office manager was a complete unprofessional. I actually had her take candy out of my desk and eat it. When I said something she thought it was funny, wasn't so funny when it was rancid and I planned on taking it back to the store until the pig ate it. She used to literally take baths in the ladies room. If you went in after her there was baby powder all over the place and water all over the floor. Laidlaw bought us and decided to close our plant and this idiot took it upon herself to give her son in law, an insurance agent or something like that, the employee list complete with Social Security numbers. That's when the complaints started big time and she was removed from her job before the lay offs began. The real story here is our office manager acted like some weirdo idiot with no judgement or common sense and the plant manager wouldn't do anything about her until people contacted HR to say some stranger had their Social Security number and the office manager had given it to him. If either of the idiots thought Laidlaw would move them to another job that was gone once personnel realized we had a slack ass plant manager that had ignored complaints and an Office Manager that should have been cleaning out public toilets. And all the ladies that worked in that office were so nice and the office manager and her assistant (a whole 'nother story) made it awful. Glad Laidlaw bought them and got rid of both of them, they didn't deserve to be employed.
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