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From Tennessee — 03/07/2010

I have been employed at the Kleen for several years. I must say right out, I very much enjoy my job! I work (the blue collar kind) very hard and I am paid much more than I would be to do the same job elsewhere. This being said, the company seems to have lost site of its largest revenue producer, its employees. I have witnessed several pay changes over the years, and it does seem that each time it changes, the reps are losing. Most of the guys I work with are good people, and have been with the company several years also. In the past we made an excellent team, morale was high, and everyone was focused on winning as a group. The latest pay changes for reps have been in effect for more than a year now. The plan takes focus away from revenues and shifts it to a points scale. What idiot did this? We now have management expecting revenues, and reps looking for quick points to get paid. Sales reps and service reps are now in direct competition for parts cleaner placements that are getting slimmer everyday. In the spring of 2009 we had a "riff" which is code for layoff. We lost 15% of our personnel, but our work load didn't decrease nearly that much. The remaining team has struggled through a year of overtime and Saturday work to the point that everyone is burnt. I hear talk daily in the branch about how much people hate there jobs, they feel used, trapped and unappreciated. Our branch has lost all morale. Between the pay changes and a reduction in force, I feel like our once great team is unraveling at the seams. Its unfortunate, this company once was focused on its employees and its customers, now it seems it truly is just a numbers game. I must admit, some days i do feel like an SK zombie. We recently went through.... gag... another reorganization early this year. It mostly affected people above the branch level, we have a new CEO, and hopefully a plan to right the ship. If you are planning to interview with SK, you can ride along on a route for a day before you decide if your interested. DO IT! You will see hard working people making respectable pay and benefits. This job isn't for everyone, I'm looking hopefully towards the company's future.

Upper Management Advice

Please try to bring cohesion back to the branch's. This could be in pay structure, positive feedback, and cleaning house of the dead weight that stinks up the branch.

Whats with the time wasting paperwork? I'm required to fill out four pieces of paper daily and have it triple check by management. I drive your truck down the road loaded with waste, I can be trusted with a roll of pigmat. I also dont need to sit in front of a computer typing and retyping information for 30 minutes a day for six weeks. (LIT training) Very large waste of time. Help me do my job more efficiently instead of piling on more training and useless paperwork.

Have the BGM communication corporates plans. We work work work and feel like we are the only SK branch. How are we doing as a company? Do we have goals? What changes were made in the new reorganization? Who are the people that create pay plans, do they except feedback? Whats with constantly changing pricing and part #'s?

Bottom line, I like my job but i feel like my company is slipping away. Hopefully the new CEO and reorganization will set us on the right track again.
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