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From Billerica, MA — 10/19/2010

I have been working for Safelite for about a year and a half. After completing the standard training classes, i starting performing repairs on windshields. At this point I had my own company car, phone and gas card. Everything was going swell for about 11 months or so. After this time of being a repair medic, I thought it was time for me to move up the ladder for which they say. I signed up for the windshield replacement class at the begining of April. Training was for 8 weeks and was tought by a regional trainer form Minnisota. I recieved all of the right aspects of performing windishields replacements, door glasses, back glasses, vent and quarter glasses. At the end of this class i recieved my safe tech certification and was stationed out of Billerica, ma. During this time I worked on cars from the in shop appointments and a couple weeks later recieved my work van. I then started doing road jobs. Now im going to backtrack a little bit here. When i started doing reapairs i was told i would be getting $12 an hour (which i did), $13 when in training and $14 when i do replacements, OH DID THEY LIE............. Once out on the road by myself, i never recieved a pay increase, although i did get a dollar raise...(BIG WHOOP) , and they also told me that i was going to make PPP, (paid per part)..but i never saw that either and to this day. Im 28 years old, jut got engaged, and going to purchase a house in a few years and taking home $300 dollars a week is just not going to cut the mustard. Upper management has no way what we go through out in the field, all they care about are the numbers, not there employees, the communication barrier in this place sucks out loud. I start at 10 in the morning and end at 6. They pile on about 3 to 4 AM jobs on me, and the CTU call center in billerica calls me and akes for an ETA knowing that i start at 10 am each morning. It is so god dam frusterating having to go through this every day. And having a boss who has a napolian complex doesnt help either, the guy has no sense of humer and probebly puts his job in front of his family. I have never worked for a company like this one, i mean this is a worldwide corperation and they have to pay shit money for there workers, knowing that there are other glass companys out there smaller than safelite who pay way more then this one. I will never forget what my father said to me when these problems started happening, "son, corperate america will fuck you any way possible", that is deffenetly true with Safelite. Thanks for screwing me with a paper condom safelite, FUCK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!
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