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From Chandler, AZ — 08/16/2010

I started working for Safelite in March And I liked it because it's was close and the people who worked there were friendly. At first the balance between work and life were great no real problems. Then they moved to their new call center in Chandler, that's where the managment and the company showed there true colors. I was constantly asked if I could do extra hours and when I couldn't they had an attitude about it and started being sarcastic and would treat me different. It was like they wanted a perfect employee in an imperfect company. The occurences I would get were over b.s. I would get them for not taking my lunch on time, being a minute late from lunch or calling out, I don't know why calling out would deserve an occurance but for Safelite it got you one. They commission structure was a joke!! It was based off of what seemed to be a random figure backed up by random percentages, who's knows where they got this idea from but it was an easy way to give any job hunter a perk, something they can say to sell this shady company to job hunter. Btw I never made comission and I've worker for AT&T in the past selling cell phones, where comission was based off what you sold not how much you sold, or how many sales opportunities one got. I can honestly say that this company has cut a niche by using bad business practices and treating employees like tools and not people. This has been one of my least liked jobs that I've ever had. There's no room for enjoyment, socializing, or any type of normal freedoms a job should give offer any employee. When you start to realize this and figure maybe it's just me. Wrong it's the company they do not value there employees so eventually your treated like an ugly sore, and they will find ANY reason to fire you. The constant reviews seemed like they were bullying you, I actually was asked and told about how bad the job market was, impling that it's either this or being unemployed. I have never felt so belittled at work. As for Safelite I thank them for showing me that there are bad jobs and good ones unfortunatly the good ones are hard to find while the bad ones are always hiring like Safelite.
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