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From WA — 01/13/2009

Okay, when I was first hired I was thrilled. My boss stated there was growth and I was perfect for another dept and she would help me get there. Lets fast forward! I got back from training I had an offer right away for another dept. My boss yelled at me for 15 minutes for asking to move. I then got two more offers within 8 months to move depts. Again she yelled and screamed at me for wanting to move depts where I was appreciated. so that is why I rated respect at a -1. The benefits are pretty good but a little pricey. With the buy out there is no job security right now for my friends. I was let go and couldn't have been happier.
I gave the work life balance a '0' because I had to come in on the weekends a few times and once I found someone sleeping in their cubiclce on the floor. Plus, people were taking their work home and putting in on a disk drive. Which was not okay, because it kept their managers thinking they could handle 12 new claims a day. managers had no clue of whats really going on.
Best of luck to those at the company, it just wasn't for me.
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