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From Call Center — 01/06/2009

Before I comment on anything, please remember that I know that there are worse jobs out there, especially in insurance.

I've been with Safeco a little over a year. I was hired as a CCP. I started with Safeco after finsihing college. I had some insurance experience while going to school, so I have an idea of what the industry is like. My plan was to work in the call center for awhile to gain an "all around" exposure to different types of claims and then become an adjuster. Now, I just want to leave!

I think there are two companies here: Safeco and the call center. The call center is overly micro-managed. Everything is tracked and recorded for quality purposes, including your monitors. Quality purposes they may be, forcing someone to keep all your screens in a particular place...give me a f'n break! I am an adult, not a pre-schooler! Productivity is tracked by seconds....and don't be as much as 3 seconds over at the end of the month! What a joke. I want to leave so bad, this job has taken a toll. There are constantly people on your back, wondering what you are doing. They think that forcing people to do certain things will help, but in reality they are only lowering overall morale. If you try to take 2 seconds in between calls of all kinds (yes, really bad calls), they are wondering what they are doing. Well...excuse me for breathing, and for having to go pee. I am human, I DO have to leave my desk to go urinate you know! You are a robot. As a CCP, they can change your breaks the same day...and with short get a schedule change pop up. Forget trying to plan anything, such as having lunch with someone.

They think by pushing everything into the Express team (100% liability, no injuries). This speeds up the claim process. In reality, the only thing that these companies are doing are saving money by giving people a small raise instead of hiring more adjusters or decent. They're not fooling anyone!

The call center's focus in on customer service. This is good, but at the same time, customers are pissed because they cannot reach their adjusters. Customers do not understand that adjuster have MANY MANY other claims besides theirs. No one can ever reach the adjusters. This is because they are always on the phone taking statements and dealing with their own heavy workload. In the end, the customer is never happy and the CCP gets screamed up. Management cannot get through their heads that striking the whip on the CCPS is NOT going to change unhappy customers. Why can't they get this? This gap has to change!!

I would gladly welcome termination at this point. I am so unmotivated now, like a zombie, that I don't even have the energy to run my ass out of this department. I have never had a job where I was so "controlled" and I think that this is the problem between me and this company. They want to control, and I don't want to be controlled, so I will have to leave in the end. And before a UM comes on here, I will tell you I have NOTHING to hide by not wanting to be controlled to this extent and that is not why I feel insulted everyday. It is because it appears there is no TRUST.

I do not recommend this company to anyone. I am leaving as soon as possible.

Respect: Can't speak for everyone, but I think that all the managers treat everyone with respect as far as I can tell, except for trying to control people.

Benefits: Ok, could be worse, but I think they have gotten slightly got worse in some specific situations since we were acquired by Liberty Mutual.

Job Security: There is none. They will fire you as fast as you walk in the door. If you even hint that you don't want to be there, they will let you go because their motto is, "If you don't want to be here, we don't want you here either." I kinda agree :)

Work/Life Balance: In some positions I'm sure there is, but in the call center forget it. However, someone has to intake claims at all hours, don't they?

Career Growth: Yes, but that is because everyone leaves.

Location: Ok, parking is not bad.

Co-worker Competence: They do hire brilliant people, but I think it hurts when there is not thorough training and TIME for training.

Work Environment: Stressful as hell, but all insurance companies are. It is horrible at Safeco because you are micro-managed to the point where some employees are about to lose it.
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