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From St. Louis — 05/09/2008

Been in the industry for a while, and here are my thoughts regarding claims and the environment. Volume is an issue at any claims organization. Ask any claim rep - anywhere. If you are a decent adjuster, you would do fine at Safeco.

Most departments are in need of people with positive attitudes who are willing to rise up above the fray, and try to make a positive difference rather than sitting back and complaining. A person who is willing to try hard and set goals for themselves to succeed, and develop and work on their leadership skills will succeed.

People who have issue with their manager should sit down with the manager and address the issues directly rather than posting anonymously on a web-site. And if the issue can't be resolved by direct contact with the manager, it should be brought up with the next level of management.

It has been my experience that Safeco has an open-door policy and that most managers want their employee's feedback. I recommend that you manage up to your manager and not complain.

If you are miserable handling claims here, you will be miserable anywhere, and you should think about a career change. This place is awesome compared to other companies.
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