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From Indianapolis, IN — 04/18/2008

Based on my experience, the expectations here at Safeco are very reasonable. While challenging with regard to workload and expectations, they are certainly---Finally---aligned with our peer companies. We are only as valuable as our ability to provide value to this business entity. Value is defined by the organization for whom we are fortunate enough to work. The reality is, my friends, that the world changes, technology changes, customer expectations change and the result is that the claims industry must react with change as well. There is too much focus by some disgruntled folks in here on self pity and blame shifting. Just because an individual finds they are unable to keep up or perform at the expected level, does not mean that the expectations are out of line. Additionally, if as a member of this organization we all have the responsibility to speak up. If you have a problem with Manager, speak to their manager. IF you are not willing to do this, then deal with the perceived issue in silence and find other employment. This whining and griping in here is cowardly. If you care more about keeping a job you hate then doing the right thing, then you are in the wrong industry. YOu can jump from one company to another to your hearts content and you will see nothing different, nothing better and you may find out too late in your career to fix your reputation that the problem all along was you and you alone.
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