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From Indy — 04/10/2008

all in all safeco isnt bad..some friendly, some not. i am busy as a handler and more and more is put on me at desk level. mgr in clms fired stirred up some excitement for a day or two, dont see managers let go often unless rift and replaced later to reduce spans of control.. dave boyle days are still in personal lines, commercial lines steady for now...certain plm in office of claims promotes drinkin buddies versus talent very obvious he does not separate himself from his managers and is not technically strong just a numbers guy that really doesnt know coverage but what do you expect he is one of the cincinnati clan brought over by boyle, his drinkin buddy least boyle kept it goin where is avp casualty never see him what is his name...lni group has low tenured mgrs, some very good and knowledgeable and has come casualty experience behind them. another lni mgr promoted from express doesnt know what she is doing is in overhead and absolutely no personality with team. believes treating others rudely will get her results might work with agroup of cs employees not gonna work in claims so she wont last long. avp of rapid response left and plm and his drinking buddies are running place in shambles, no credibility left in that group...lni plm new and hope to see him turn lni around ..casualty lost in the weeds in indy and losing examiners for lack of leadership in abi line of business. wake up eric/paula and send in the rafts or indys casualty is certain to sink....wc mgr makes life miserable and no one likes her she was deomoted to um think she would figure it out. older staff just sit back and laugh at the youngsters...
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