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From Bingham Farms, Michi — 08/08/2007

I have work for this company for 10 + years, and the owner has never missed a paycheck. I bought a home from this builder when I worked for a competetor. I did a lot of research before I chose this builder for my home. Every trade I talked to said the owner was a man of honor. The sales person told me that it was a different builders' turn to build a home in the Community I chose, & I said to her " You don't understand, If Scott Jacobson is not building it, I am not buying it. Not only did I give this builder all my money... I then went to work for him, and gave him my life ( when I am not with my family). With respects to Pay, benefits, job security, and all the other categories, I only know this, I work hard and do what ever I can to do a great job for the owner, and he does what ever he can to help me.. My co workers are the best, we rely on each other to do the very best we can, and I would not trade any one of them , for anything.
If any one would like to contact me for additional information on the high
integrity I have witnessed and my job you can always reach me at
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