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From Birmingham — 07/31/2007

No company is perfect because lets face it you have to WORK. Since people in the world do have to work it is nice to find a company that if you apply yourself will take note and advance you up the corporate ladder. They pay more than double minium wage in most locations. This is for a job where you are basically walking in circles with a cart or stocking shelves just as they do at Wal-mart. So face it, the pay is really good for the job expected of the workers. Respect is given to everyone that shows it. That is how it is in life and that it how it should be. Benefits are called that beause thy don't have to give us anything so everything they do give us is extra. They offer health, dental, life, etc... plus offer us stoks in the company which means the harder you work and the better you make the company the more money you make. Job security is really great with this company. If you do what they ASK you can work with SPR for a life time. Work/Life balance is great also. Multiple shifts, different hours, and weekends off for time to spend with family. If you ask for anymore you would be basically a bum. The potential is endless with this company. If you want to be a VP one day just bust your a@# and prove to the guys upstairs you have what it takes and you will get there. Location is alright. I can pretty much move to any state and still have a job. C0-worker Competence is a stupid question. If you are with someone five days a week, eight hours a day soon everyone becomes retarded to you. Work environment- I don't get wet when it rains. It is hot inside when it is hot outside. It is cold inside when it is cold outside. It is a warehouse not a Bed and Breakfest. SPs first goal is safty. If any people complain that the warehouse is dirty or shelves are falling over ask them why the keep walking by the mess and walking by the shelves without fixing them.
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