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From Fredericksburg Va — 05/13/2009

It was a couple years ago that I worked at SA Medical. The family was always nice to me. A couple of times when my mom had doctor's appointment they allowed me to come in early and leave early. I thought the family treated me well.

There was one manager who was a manulative psychotic but she was eventually fired. Job training was very poor and as a result stress was high. The work atmosphere was very unprofessional. What a bunch of filthy potty-mouths! Very disrespectful of each other. In another review someone mentioned people being told to shut up.....there was at least one who NEEDED to be told. She was a total self-centered motor-mouth who's mission in life was to stir the pot. I don't care how good she is at coding she wasn't worth the trouble she caused.

The pay wasn't very good but the location was close to home and the work hours were great. I worked there for a year and for the most part I kept my head down, did my job, and tried not to get involved in their little dramas. This is not a bad place to work but certainly not great. There are a lot of things that could be a lot better.

I think that the family who runs the business has their clients best interest at heart and they try very hard to do a good job for them.
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