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From Fredericksburg, VA — 04/19/2009

The negative comments left about SA Medical are not only untrue, but overly exaggerated- by far. SA Medical is not only a well respected and strong company in the area, it is a great place to work for. The pay is competitive for the market, and probably at the high end of the scale. What people don't realize is not only the cost to employ someone, the benefits SA Medical pays for. SA Medical pays out every month tens of thousands of dollars to pay for employee's health insurance. Which is definitely not some cheap insurance. It is the best Virginia has. Not only medical, they also pay for dental. Life insurance/short term/long term insurance/IRA, name it, the list goes on. Do people think this stuff comes free? Most employers in the area don't even OFFER benefits. Respect. What you give is what you get. I have seen so many rude, obnxious employees over the years that I can't even IMAGINE how their own families deal with them. Maybe SA Medical should expand their interview process to 3 or 4 interviews because people surely know how to nail the first one. I really don't know what people expect from SA Medical. I've never seen employees with such need in my life. People complain about the smell of others lunches, it's too hot, it's too cold, others perfumes/colognes, the way people dress, etc... This is not high school folks. Do your job, and go home. That's what every employer wants you to do. Job Security. In the healthcare market, thankfully, there is no recession. The healthcare industry continues to create new jobs, so every one needs to be happy they have jobs. Healthcare is the most secure industry right now. and as long as you continue to perform, do your job right, you have no reason to think your job is in jeopardy! The problem in medical billing is that people get bored, it's repetitive, and you just get burned out. This is why ALL medical billing services have high turn over rates. You can call any medical billing service, with little to no experience and I bet you could probably get a job. Because the skill is data entry. Believe it or not, medical billing services open MANY doors for people who are grounded, do their job, and are willing to learn and grow. It can lead to medical coding, practice management services, etc. It's an entry level position with lots of room for growth. Unfortunately, amongst many other employees, you must stand apart from them! and sometimes that's tough to do and people do not have the patience to deal with it. Fredericksburg, Virginia is a prime location right now, especially for healthcare. One new hospital has already opened its doors, and another is still under construction. Two new hospitals, with a total of 3 here now, means more doctors, more patients, more business. People are so narrow minded and don't see the "big picture" of the nature of this business. The work environment. In 2006 SA Medical moved to a brand new suite, brand new furniture, brand new everything for over 60 employees. As far as the "bathroom comments" I just don't see it. A bathroom is a bathroom. People here expect to pee in 24K Gold toilets or something. The bathrooms are clean. Work/Life balance. SA Medical is a family oriented business. I have seen countless times, if not every time, SA Medical has no problem excusing you for a family emergency or issue. However, the issue became this was being taken advantage of. Employees would SAY it was a family issue, and tell another coworker what they were really doing. These negative comments are misleading statements from angry employees. Comments about management - SA Medical must be doing something right. SA Medical owns SEVERAL medical practices, manages them, in addition to medical billing/coding services and many other numerous aspects of the business. As with any "angry" employee or ex employee who doesn't get their way - the first people to blame is management. The management is fine. What people don't realize is in Healthcare - everything CHANGES, constantly. Procedures and policies may have to be changed in the blink of an eye. So automatically employees who are uncustomed to change, make remarks about management. SA Medical has a very strong management team. The problem again lies in the fact people do not fully understand the scope of the whole entire company, assumptions are made, and trash talking starts. Whoever reads these things, take these comments with a grain of salt. And for the record, I AM NOT part of or affiliated with the management. I'm a regular employee, that probably sits right next to you, billing right along. But I get the big picture, am thankful for my job, and will continue to grow with SA Medical. I wish others would too.
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