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From Jacksonville, FL — 06/15/2009

Working for RHI for roughly 4.5 years...I have seen many changes. Managers come and go- relationships come and go-employees come and go...if you want to work for a good company that gives you all the tools you need to be a winner, and pays great the longer you are employed---Then RHI is a great place to work. You get out of RHI what you put in. There is no job secruity with any company these days, even the President of the United States may only have 4 years to get the job done. Now, it's not all grits and gravy either- if you do not follow their model- then you will not last. You have to love talking on the phone. RHI is a debt free company and one of the leaders in the staffing industry- they want the best out of you at all times. I had a great run, and everything I learned has me ready for anything. You will see people come and go, the key is to keep your head down...have as much fun as you can...try to stay away from the gossip. (Which is tough when you have a room full of type-A personalities.) Staffing has a bad rap with everywhere- it's the people business. People always want more money with less work. You can never win in staffing. However, everyone needs staffing...and the clients that get mad at all of the phone calls--well, wouldn't you want to interview with a company that is going to pound the phones.
I want to make this clear, it is not for everybody- it will weigh on you after a while if you are not wired to see people come and go. Typically the people that go will say bad things at first and even the people working at RHI will say things about the person that left. That's just human nature. One of the neatest things- if you want a shot at management...eventually, the managers move up or move out. All you have to do is wait it out and you will get the shot. I left RHI for a model more suited for my needs...but, I wouldn't have been able to do what I am doing today if I didn't learn from RHI.
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