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From Oakland, CA — 02/02/2009

I applied to Robert Half Technologies (RHI) in Oakland in 2005 after getting laid off from my last job. As a .NET software developer, my skills were well sought after, and I made a point to RHT that I wanted to work for more ethical groups such as educational institutions, healthcare companies or environmental agencies, rather than depressing firms like insurance and finance agencies. RHI made me take a .NET programming quiz and two interviews, which I passed, then set up an interview with an educational group. I got the job within a week.

The job was a 6 month contract-to-hire, so I worked my butt off for those first 6 months and got hired by the company even though one of my projects was 2 weeks late. It was an awesome job. I don't usually do headhunters, but these guys have all the contacts, and I will let them take a 5% cut of my pay to get a similar good job with the contacts they have. You just have to be very fussy with them and ask for exactly what you want, which desperate people don't do.

I did spend over 50 hours per week working for the company that hired me, but it was worth it. The director let me write my name on one of his software patents, and I was invited to business celebrations around the USA all expenses paid for. I had my own large cubicle near the fridge, and a very smart group of people my own age to work with, which made things very comfortable.

Two years later the outsourcing monster reared it's ugly head and my co-workers and I were laid off to make way for Generation Y India. But hey, that was a great job all the same. Downtown Oakland, near the BART, meant I saved heaps of money on transport and had a great social life outside of work.

To this day I get RHT emails almost every week asking if I want to work on jobs for them. I will be contacting RHT/RHI again once I finish my MBA and hopefully this recession we're in goes away?!
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