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From Princeton, NJ — 01/15/2009

Can you handle a stressful environment? Can you handle being told every week that this week may be your last week? Then it may not be so bad.

To start, the pay is pretty decent for base salary... better than other companies.

Respect is ok, I wasn't really disrespected, except when someone would say a racial slur, but it was that kind of environment... no HR, no problem!

The benefits are good, standard medical, dental, vision, 401k, 20 vacation days (including personal, sick). But you can't really take time off when you might be missing out on an opportunity. I remember calling in the office just to see if we had a new job opportunity.

Job security is crap, this is probably the worst company to work for if you want job security. They will literally threaten you almost every week that if you don't hire enough people, they will let you go, and they're serious! But it's sales, and you need to be aware of this before going in. If you can be cutthroat like them, then you can make it.

Work-LIfe balance is probably the best in any company I worked at. They expect 10 hour days from you... usually 8-6, but it goes by quick. No weekend work or anything. Although, in the beginning months or working, I found myself staying till about 8-9 o'clock just to survive in the company.

Growth potential is great, I've seen a few people promoted in the time that I was there. Then again, I also saw 8 people let go in a matter of 3 months. But employees are usually promoted when they work hard, and upper management will recognize hard work.

Coworkers competence... lets see here. Direct manager was good, the sales people were horrible. They did not have the background of the type of jobs they were recruiting for, and would sound like a broken record player when talking to different clients. I used to give amazing job leads that they would not call. Truely horrible sales reps that were hard to work with on a professional level.

Work environment was great on our team. We were always cheery and joking around back n forth. It was like family. Can't say that about other teams or departments, but for us, we all got along for the most part.

Hope the info was helpful. Moral of the story... if you're not cutthroat and you can't take stress, this is NOT the company for you. If you have what it takes, have done sales before, know what you're getting into, AND want to make a good amount of money (top seller), then this may work out for you. Just be prepared to be let go at ANY moment, as they did with me. I lasted only a few months. I did what they asked, made placements, got great job leads... yet that wasn't good enough. Maybe they used me, maybe they didn't, but I took it as an experience and now I know commission based recruiting is NOT for me.

Good luck!
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