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From PA — 07/29/2010

I worked at Rite Aid for about 2 years. It was my real first job because my other jobs didn't last that long. I was a cashier getting paid minimum wage and from the two years I worked there I got a .35 raise. When I first started I really liked working there, but then they cut out security guards to save money which made me feel really unsafe because the neighborhood wasn't that great. Then I was taught all these different things I had to do. My job title was a cashier but I was responsible for many things that I surely didn't get paid extra for. My co-workers were really rude at first but I eventually became friendly with them. People stole from the store constantly and there was nothing I could do because I was basically by myself while the manager was in the office. The store was either busy or completely dead so I was either really stressed from working hard or standing for hours trying to find something to do. The store eventually went out of buisness and I was asked to work at a store in a horrible neighborhood with bad hours because I was in school. I took a lay off.
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