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From MI — 10/03/2009

I've been with Rite Aid for 9 years. Started out as a cashier and moved my way up to Store Manager. I've read many reviews and they stated there was no room for advancement. It took me 2-3 years to become an assistant manager and that was only due to my school schedule otherwise it would have been sooner.

I can honestly say that a few years ago I hated my job but our new company culture has changed our job for the better. There is now more an emphasis on working your 45 hours and getting back home to your families and lives. I can honestly say that my DM right now cares about us as people and puts an emphasis on having fun and making money in our stores. I have a great staff and we hardly have any turnover and we have become a family. That's what keeps me working. I have to agree, our customers are demanding but they keep us in business. They come back to my store because no matter what we treat them with respect and kindness and they don't get that at CVS or Walgreens. I have days that I want to pull my hair out but I am glad I have a job and get to work with great people.
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