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From Camp HIll, Pa — 08/05/2008

I have been working for Rite Aid for oevr 13 years now. If you even watch the news, it has been a real roller coaster ride. I have seen the extreme higs, and the extreme lows. But as with any company, if you ride the wave, and keep yourself strong, you will come out on top. I work in the IT department. The pay is decent, but the best part is that I feel I get the utmost respect from my immediate supervisor and manager. Even the director and VP are extremely approtchable. Although, for a health care company, the benefits are less than desireable - the job security in my department are awesome. No matter what we have gone through, my department has always stood firm and never laid off. In fact, in 1998 I got laid off and hired 2 days later in my current position. That was scary at first, but it has been a real blessing. The work'life balance is great too. You have to learn how to handle an on/call flex schedule - but I have never had more time with my family (once I learned how to work it) than I do now. I love a flexable schedule and could never go back to an 8-5 schedule. For career potential, growth - 13 years say the potential - but growth - at one time there was no growth - so my leaders got together and made levels - now there is tremendous growth potential. My co-workers are great as well - not just in my department, but in the departments that I work with as well. I work close to corporate, so I have to work closely with several departments. For instance, development, and the halp desk. It was never more apparent how good these people were than when we converted 1800 Eckert/Brooks stores in 1 year. Everyone worked so well as a team. After all was done, I was exhausted, but I can look back and know how well, devel, the help desk, and all involved - did. It was amazing. If I would have done this after getting laid off - I may have put some negative comments in, but looking back over 13 years, this really has been a great company to work for, and I am proud to be a member of the Rite Aid Team!
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