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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment3

From Arroyo Grande, CA — 04/24/2008

Working for Rite Aid has been quite the experience. I have worked for the company for quite a while, while going to school and don't have too many complaints. The pay as a Pharm. Tech is pretty good for someone who is going to school and wants to work part-time, or for someone who doesn't want to go to school and doesn't have any ambition to do anything else. My store manager knows me pretty well since we have worked together for about 6 years and my pharmacy manager is a good friend of mine; we occasionally hang out and go out to dinner when we get a chance. I have befreinded many pharmacists and have great relationships with all of the ones I have worked with. My benefits are great since I have worked there for so long. Job security is great, as long as you do your job and don't get yourself into trouble, you shouldn't have a problem keeping your job. The Work/Life balance is great, they have been working around my school schedule since I was in high school and I am now about to graduate with my BA. Career Potential/Growth is alright. I started as an ice cream clerk and am now a pharmacy technician. This has enabled me to work less and still get paid pretty good for being a student. The location to my home is great, just 3 minutes by car each way. My co-workers in the pharmacy are great, they would be better though if they all had higher educations, but you don't expect people working in a store like that to be educated, you just go with it all. The people being hired in the front-end are not very competent all of the time, but many of them are nice, and many of them like to gossip. The work envirement could be better, possibly if I worked in a newer store(this store is about 60 years old) and if the location was better. A lot of our customers are either drug addicts, alcoholics or have mental problems. Other than that I will be satisfied with this "job" until I graduate from college.
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