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From Grand Ledge MI — 09/27/2010

I have been with Rite Aid since Jan 2007. I started as a cashier and I am now a shift supervisor. I am tired of reading and hearing so many complaints about the company. Retail is not for everyone, neither is sales.
I love what I do, I get a feeling of great satisfaction when I help customers, when I accomplish goals that I set for myself, when I go above and beyond what my boss asks of me. I know that I can not make everyone happy, however I do my best.
My latest goal is to try to drive up sales. I enjoy picking out some of our great deals and offering them to customers, I also print and cut out coupons from the sunday paper and offer the coupons to sweeten the deals and to add a smile to my customers faces. I don't have to save the customers a ton of money for them to appreciate the gesture.
I would love to be an assistant manager but our economy in Michigan is terrible and there are no assistant manager positions available.
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