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From Rhode Island — 09/01/2010

First, I liked the other comments from people. I'm an original Brooks employee now with rite aid. I've been with the company for quite a few years now, so I think my view is pretty solid. As with most retail jobs the lower level positions do not pay the best. Not until the actual manager roles do you see a pay jump. As for cashiers the work is pretty simple. Ring the register, put shit on shelves, etc. The managers are the ones that deal with bitchy customers and other issues. Having done all of these jobs at some point it is easy to see why some people have mixed views about this company. I do agree that the owners of the company don't make te best decisions and they definately don't know how a store needs to be run. On the other hand, the people running the stores, for the most part with a few exceptions here and there, do know and understand what they are supposed to be doing. The people who are complaining about this being a bad company are the people that only look at the bad parts of the company and judge it by that. Most of the employees working in the stores are easy to get along with, even if they hate their job.
Advancement is another thing I read complaints about. The reason those people bitched about lake of advancement are the ones who didn't put forth the effort to get noticed for their workplace accomishments. I've worked harder than 99% of the employees I knew in the past and my promotions are the results of that hard work. As a part of management now, it is easy to see which of my workers are going to succeed further down the line. If your not getting noticed by your managers, or dm's, it's probably because your not doing anything to get their attention.
This company is not that bad of a place to work for. It's only bad because that's the way your making it.
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