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From San Diego — 02/17/2010

After reading several bad comments about this company, I decided to speak up. If you're looking for a career, you're in the wrong place. This job is perfect for college students (such as myself) and I think the pay is great. I started off at $9 and have moved up to $10.50 (expert) within the first couple of months. Your starting rank is an auditor and honestly, unless you're a total idiot and can't count worth's sooooooo easy to get raises. Yes, driving to different locations SUCKS but what do you expect out of this job??? If you want to complain about the drive and gas, then find work elsewhere!!! I work with a lot of morons and perhaps that's the main reason why team leaders get so annoyed by auditors who think they can slack off with their APH. Obviously the goal is accuracy but you can't expect to stay on the shift when you're counting so slow that you're jeopardizing the stores average. And for those complaining about not getting a lunch or break within a 11 hour work shift.....that's ridiculous! My district is very strict and enforces breaks to the max. Job security is pretty good as long as you confirm your schedule and show up to your stores on time, you'll never get fired. Overall, this job works out pretty well for me and is very flexible with my school schedule.
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