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From north carolina — 02/08/2010

well the pay is inadequate, they had the gaul to bring in this highly inadequate pay system that is suppose to reward you with weekly bonuses for great job performance.. When I saw the bonus I almost died laughing. Its the most ridiculous performance system I have ever seen. It really penalizes people who have been there many years. And they keep upping the standards so it gets harder and harder to meet the pay scale requirements. And what really kills me is when they tell people that accuracy is their primary concern. Every time I hear that I have to chuckle. I dont see how some of the so called managers have reached management level, but then I look at the calibre of people they hired, and that answers that question. If you worked every store they asked you to, your whole life would be spent in stores. And even with that, your paycheck would still be that of a pauper. There is almost no respect. Its like sometimes I'm in the midst of a bunch of mindless, no morals, hit and run crazy nitwits. I really feel bad for some of the new people they hire, because they have no idea what its all about.
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