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From western N.C. — 12/28/2009

I've worked for RGIS for about a year and having worked as everything from a fast food pusher to a tech support job I can honestly saay the job is cheese! Dosent take a lot of smarts to do the job but if you got them then you can do well. I'm a TL and of course have had my bad experiances but anyone who has worked fast food can tell you the stress levels are a lot lower! During the slow imes hours suck, but during the busy times you can make money hand over fist if you can just show up on time and do what your suposed to do. I griped about the job when I first started cuz I didnt make many hours and the pay sucked but then I learned (in my district at least) You get the hours and $$ when you do the job! I've had better jobs and better paying jobs but their not as bad as some people make them out to be. most the people in my district that complain dont want to work the hours their given and want to complain cuz they dont get paid enough for travel when most of em sleep in the van to and from a job. I dont know many jobs that pay you to sleep do you? So get over yourself and find a differant job if your not happy!
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