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From Phoenix, AZ — 10/31/2009

Ok, after reading a few of the reviews, i figured i'd throw my 2 in.

Can't say much good or bad for this company, i've only been back for a few months, and i'm satisfied. I first started 12 years again with Dist 218, and this is my 3rd (or is it 4th, can't keep track) time with the company, as well as working for one competitor, and one bottom feeder (this company wasn't competition for anyone). Training pretty much sucks, but then it did back then too, though my group makes a bit more effort than they did back then (2 hours back then + sink or swim, 4 hours office, 4 hours in store now).

Pay is alright, $8.50 to start, reviews at weeks 7 and 13, though the raises aren't much, 50 on mine. Back then pay started at the same, raises were all but non-existent, and not only was there a cap, but if you were at the cap, you were rarely given work, because you cost too much to use. All that, and in NJ, $8.50 didn't go very far, even back then. Surprisingly its nearly a living wage in AZ these days, which is saying something.

Not much has changed over time, management is hit or miss, depending on the office, they can be really good, or really bad (first time around, one Area Manager in another office has 3 sexual harrassment complaints in a year, but the Ops manager simply moved him to another office because they were buddies).

Hours vary by office, but generally busy during the busy season during the year (70+ back when i first started), and drop off sharply as the year progresses (Oct -Dec, .5/hr wk for team leaders, 0 for auditors back then). Your best bet is to get in with a dedicated team, and even that's hit or miss. The team i'm with this time is well run, management is fair, although the client is at times aggravating (some stores really don't seem to grasp, or don't care about their inventories). Equipment is alright, reminiscent of what Washington had 7 years ago, though with a touch screen, wireless network and laser added (we don't use the built in, finger lasers only here, much better, though i miss the old guns). Supervisor mode makes good use of the larger screen, otherwise the old Audit machines would work just as well.

ASET program is interesting, not sure how good it is, but it looks good right now. Do keep in mind that as a dedicated team, we do the same things in the same stores every time, we can practically count with our eyes closed, so this program works perfectly for us. A regular district where you count a wide variety of stuff? I doubt it'd work half as well. So long as they keep the numbers realistic, we'll do fine. I can say this much, it might curtail the warm bodies system that's been around since the old days (you can get any inventory completed on time, so long as you throw enough warm bodies at it).

I scored it a bit low because some of the questions don't really apply (we're a dedicated multi-state team, office location is rather unimportant), and others i don't have answers for, such as career growth, ask me in six months or so, and work environment (my last job was delivering newspapers, this is definitely better than that, at least during the summer).

Speaking of travel, they really need to choose a better hotel, Motel 6 sucks badly. Stay there only if you have to, or like roaches, broken showers, and the like.

Overall, i'm satisfied, i came in knowing what to expect, and they haven't dissapointed. Not really impressed, but from my perspective, it hasn't gotten any worse. I probably wouldn't recommend a local office, at least if you need steady full time hours, but a dedicated team isn't a bad job, long as you get a good team (i hear one group only works 6 mos of the year) with a good manager (mine's always trying to figure out the right formula to drive team performance up, and since bonuses and 'rank' are based on performance, that's a good thing).
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