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From Wendell, Idaho — 09/29/2008

I started with RGIS in October of l994 in Washington state and I loved this job! Although, the hours could be tedious, we were a team and we got the job done. By we, I mean auditors, team leaders, area managers, and managers. Everybody worked together. And, there was respect no matter where you stood on the totem pole. We had a dress code and everyone adhered to it. We respected ourselves as professionals. From there, I worked in Oregon and thought I had moved to another world when it came to working for RGIS. Indiana wasn't much better. I guess, it's like eating at a chain restaurant. The food can be outstanding at one restaurant and then go to the same chain in another location and you think "what happened here." I had the option to have insurance, but was covered by my spouse's employer, so did not take that option. I returned to Oregon and drove 45 minutes to a job site to work 1 and 1/2 hours. After being told it was at least a 7 hour job. From Oregon it was Idaho. Store's were overstaffed with auditors, so none of us were making any money to speak of. I would drive 20 minutes to a work site or car pool site and work no more than 3 hours in a store. I was close enough to work more of the area stores, but I would arrive there and they had people from way out of the area running the stores, because we didn't have an area team. I was being considered to be over a team and seriously considered it. But, after several unethical instances, I decided I didn't want to be associated with that company name any longer. People that had worked for sometimes up to 15 hours or more in a day already, were the drivers for the car pools. Just wasn't a safe feeling for me.
As I said, when I worked for the company in Washington, I loved the job, the people I worked with, the stores I audited and their personnel. I can relate to the review from the Boise, Idaho commentator. Stores were being short changed in their inventories, just to get the job done and get out. What happened I do not know, but their reputation is a sad thing.
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