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3.8Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From Milwaukee, WI — 05/07/2008

Pay: The pay is fairly nice, I started at 9.00 an hour as an auditor, which is the highest starting wage I've managed to make.

Respect: If you can manage to do the job well with little help or outside motivation, you're noticed by your higher ups and appreciated.

Benefits: I am unaware of any outside benefits, ie health insurance.

Job Security: If you go to work on time, and do the job that is assigned, there is practically no way you could possibly lose your job.

Work/Life Balance: The hours are kind of odd, but I'm young and used to constantly changing pase.

Career Potential/Growth: It's been a month and a half, and I've already been promoted two steps to Inventory Supervisor and am already running my own stores. There's the possibility of a management shake-up, and I plan on strolling in on the tail-end of the storm.

Location: The location and commuting aren't really that bad.

Co-worker Competance: I do notice that I train a lot of coworkers on-site. It's kind of annoying but I get over it.

Work Environment: It could be better. Closed stores can be tedious and boring from time to time, but again, I get over it.

Overall I really enjoy this job and am looking forward to a future with the company.
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