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From Muncie, Indiana — 03/17/2008

In my life, I worked for RGIS about a total of 7 yrs altogether. I once stayed long enough to get a 5 yr pin.
If you're a hard worker and don't care whether you go in at 2 am or 10 am, or both on the same day, whether you might leave and never make it home, or even be locked in a store all night and not allowed a break, it's a fabulous job.
I made good money (when they felt like paying me). The better you are, the more you make. It's a no-brainer job, esp. if you can use a keypad without looking.
If you don't have a car, don't have a phone, can pass a 2nd grade math test (well, they'll work with you there), you're hired! They'll even come get you for work, wake you up, give you something to keep you awake, dress you, sometimes even feed you.
I look back fondly on the numerous 2-4 hr rides to and from stores confined in a vehicle with 7 of the great unwashed, watching them getting stoned-stupid on the way there, mooning other cars, dropping handfuls of Vicodin, Xanax, whatever was handy during inventories, pulling thru the drive-thru liquor barns afterwards so they could get drunk on the way home...ahh, good times!
It's feast or famine: you'll be lucky to have time for coffee and a shower between jobs in January, but come October you'll only get work if you're elite or "one of us".
By November you're laid off until January again.
If you're willing to risk your life and be one of the best, there's comraderie to be had.
We had a certain strange pride in our ability to pound out a store when others were dropping like flies around us. Drunk, stoned, smelly or cranked on Mini-thins, chewing coffee beans in grocery stores, some of us were very good.
Make no mistake however, it will eventually suck the life out of you. I won't go back now, I'm too old for that life.
There's also a class-action lawsuit pending over willful FLSA violations. They knew they were screwing us, and we knew we were getting screwed. Now it's coming back to haunt them. C'est la vie.
Work for them at your own risk.
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