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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment2

From Lubbock, TX — 11/14/2007

Pay: The pay is decent, its more than i made compared to other jobs i've been at.

Respect: There is little respect for the bosses.It's basicaly half and half when it comes to respect.

Benefits: I don't know much about the benefits, i haven't enrolled yet, but what i heard from the others is that the benefits are not good at all, but i don't know for sure.

Job Security: If you screw up and so something stupid than yeah you will lose your job which is majority of the crew, for the rest of us who take our job seriously where more likely keep the job.

Work/Life Balance: Not a great job if you have small children, but its great if your single or just want to get away from a stressful family. I love to travel and i sometimes like the places we go to work. There are someplaces that are really not that great, but they all work out.

Career Potential/Growth: If you do your job right and great you can go up the ladder with ease, hard work is rewarded, but if you screw up a lot don't expect to go anywhere.

Location: The office is near my home and easy to get to, and when we travel the highway is right there.

Co-worker Competence: For some reason later in the season the people we hire become more and more incompetent and it's very fustrating trying to train them and they don't seem to even try to understand. Some crewleaders step down out of fustration. You just want to wring their necks sometimes.

Work Enviroment: the associates we have to work with sometimes don't seem to know whats going on when they should have been informed weeks before an inventory takes place. Sometimes nothing is preped and that makes our job more difficult. Some complain about the music but after awhile you can tune them out. The people of the north are very rude and not very helpful. Its the same near the southern border.
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