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From Woodbridge, VA — 09/08/2010

I had never heard of this company until a friend of mine told me about it. As a military spouse, this job is absolutely PERFECT for me! I was told that this company will work with you on schedule being that they are flexible and it has been right on the money with that one! I HAVE to have a flexible schedule due to the fact that I have a military husband out of town a lot and we have children. I have seen so many negative comments made about this company from various people and I just have to say that either these people are seriously disgruntled or maybe had high expectations of the job. It doesn't take much to do this job. It's an easy job. I've managed to go from being an auditor to a specialist in a short amount of time as well and NO it's not because I'm an "ass kisser"...I actually SHOW UP and DO MY JOB!!! Maybe some of these people that actually work for this company that have nothing better to do than to complain about it should just either do the job they are asked to do or go work somewhere else. I have had no issues with co-workers, with supervisors...nothing! Because I have something called WORK ETHIC! Imagine that! Maybe if more people had that, there would be more jobs out there. Too many people want everything for nothing and it doesnt' work that way. I'd much rather work this job than to have to deal with some of the moronic public that's out there on a day to day basis going to places like Walmart or the least I don't get bothered by anyone and we all just do our jobs. It's not a career for some people and that's fine...but for someone who is looking to supplement their income for some fun money? It's absolutely a wonderful job! :-) And you get to travel and see different places...I'm sorry but you can't beat it! And as far as them not giving any breaks, I personally could care less about that...I'd rather go in count the inventory for however long it takes and go home...either way I'm gettin who am I to complain? I've been extremely pleased with this company since I started with them. And I happen to think the pay is very fair. I will agree that if you are here to work because you HAVE to work, then it's probably not the best paying job. But if you don't really HAVE to work, then this is a wonderful job! :-)
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