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From ca — 04/16/2010

I am amazed at the comments made here. I have been a RAC manager for over 6 years and with RAC for 9 years total. We are given very strict goals for collections and sales but the comments about beating up our customers and illegal things that are asked of our customer account reps is total b.s. My store has been achieving its collections goals for years through clear communication and explanation of our contracts. We have some of the highest customer retention in the business. That being said, RAC is a demanding job with a very long work week, there is little balance between work and home. This is a especially hard job to manage if you have kids. The pay is above average for a retail manager and the benefits are about average for the industry. Also, there is plenty of opportunity for promotion/advancment as RAC only promotes from within the company. No job is perfect ... The stress level is high at RAC and performance demand is through the roof. But if you are ethical and motivated a long rewarding career can be made at RAC....
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