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From Michigan — 03/26/2010

I really enjoyed the nearly 2 years I spent with RAC. My decision to leave was based on raising my newborn daughter, which the (basically) 2nd shift hours would have made very difficult. Like most jobs, your going to have disagreements with co-workers or even management, which I did. BUT, overall I got along great with the others in my store as well as other stores I visited. Its a good, steady job. I was guarenteed over times hours and always knew what my schedule would be. The starting pay (over 10/hour) and raises are very reasonable. The job requirements can be a little risky when dealing with customers in their own homes, but complications can be avoided by treating each customer with respect. The store manager I worked for was amazing. I've never worked for anyone like him. He's a very respectable person that took care of his employees. There are times I wish I could go back to RAC, but I love being a daddy too much. I do highly recommend RAC to people I know. Its a great company to work for.
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