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From Lansing, MI — 03/08/2009

I'm fairly new to the company, but I can tell everyone ONE thing: This job isn't for clock-watchers or those that think they can work 9-5 without a Bachelor's degree. You WILL work long days. You WILL be held accountable for hitting company goals and working hard.

Delivering furniture to these places is a hard job. You will work for your paycheck. After a few weeks 10-11 hour days really don't phase you. The only people griping about working for RAC are those that are weak or just wimpy in general.

Right off the bat, at the very lowest level of employment you're making 10+ an hour! With only a high school diploma? Yeah, try finding that elsewhere in this area. Great benefits after only 60 days. 401k matching up to, I believe 4-5%. There's nothing to gripe about in this area.

Remember that you're dealing with people that, by definition, are irresponsible with money. They make god-awful choices and have lousy credit. That's why they have to rent to own. You'll have to track people down, file lawsuits, and repossess merchandise. It's part of the job.

The main thing I've realized is that too many people think there are 1000's of 9-5 Monday-Friday office jobs for every college grad out there. That just isn't the case. If you're willing to work hard, learn everyday, and show up everyday on time you'll be promoted VERY quickly. If you're a clockwatcher that is just trying to pass the time for a paycheck, you're out of luck.
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